Ursula is a sinister creature with a wicked sense of humor. She lives in the sea. Ursula is very unfriendly and wants to hurt everyone around her. She really enjoys causing trouble. Ursula doesn’t know what true love and friendship means. Her main goal is to seize power and become queen. Ursula is very arrogant and rude. She thinks she’s always right. Ursula is an ugly fat creature with lavender skin and white hair. She has six octopus-like tentacles. Ursula has evil grey eyes and a mole near her mouth. Do you really want to impress your guests? Invite our Ursula Parody party character and see her dark side!

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Party Activities

Loaded with fun and engaging activities for all of the children, we make every party unforgettable for your child!

Activities listed here are only an example of what may or may not be included at your event. Party activities are at the discretion of the performer.

Grand Entrance

The character of your choice will make a grand entrance to the party! Make sure to have your camera ready to capture your child’s reaction!

Interactive Storytime

Our character will gather the children for an interactive experience and recount their exploits and experiences!


Age-appropriate games–choose from duck-duck goose, musical chairs, freeze dance and many others!

Face Painting

Our character will paint simple designs with a dash of glitter. No face shall be left behind!

Birthday Ceremony

We wrap up the party by having our character lead the Happy Birthday song and cake cutting!

Photo Opportunities

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! Our characters will be available for any and all photos right after the cake cutting.

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